"El Muñequero" project was born from an italian artigian's idea that join and combine 2 great passions: modeling and movies/cartoons.
That's how, in Tenerife, he started creating an original and funny fine art reproduction line with Fimo, a polymer clay.
Every figure its completely hand made and this is what makes it unique, little work of art reflecting style, authenticity and originality.

All the figures are controlled by the
Our artisans who make special and inimitable every puppet.
We recall that it is not a toy and that it is unsuitable for children under 36 months.


about us


Best sellers della nostra gamma è la linea dedicata a Star Wars, leggendaria serie cinematografica che da anni ci fa emozionare il maestro Yoda, insieme ai suoi compagni di battaglia, sono già pronti per far parte della tua collezione... Spaziale!  COMPRA ORA